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What is SPA

The modern day SPA now comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a SPA for everyone; Destination Spas, Day Spas, Medi Spas, Beauty Spas, Hair Spas, Dental Spas, Pet Spas, Children Spas and the list goes on.

The development of SPA has seen the development of a vast array of raw materials and ingredients developed to meet the endless demand for unique results including antiaging antioxidant treatments. Superb well-researched ingredients that have been developed specifically to lighten, brighten, detox, regenerate, resurface, buff, polish, rebuild, repair, diminish, decrease, minimize, reshape, calm, rebalance and the list goes on.

We have sourced the latest raw materials and state of the art actives from around the world:  either/or natural, certified organic, certified organic allowable premium ingredients just waiting to find their way into your product formulations.

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