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Pet Care

Pet care in the cosmetic world is all about hygiene and grooming.  Enhancing the physical appearance and physical and emotional wellbeing of a pet.  At Australian Organic Brands we have a range of Pet care products predominately for Dogs and Cats.

There are many determinate factors to Pet care products. Ingredients are chosen to suit the product application; consideration is always given in the product brief to the breed, age and health of the pet. Daily grooming products differ to weekly and so on.

The main reasons for daily grooming include:

  • To create an intimate bond with the owner or pet care handler
  • Decreased chance of skin conditions, such as eczema, fleas, scratches, and other skin problems
  • General cleanliness and overall hygiene of the dog and cat

There are a variety of pet care products from oral care; toothpaste and fresh breath products, through to cleansing and coat- conditioning treatments. Bedding wash and Deodorizing and Carpet stain removing products are additional pet care related products.

Our pet care products include:

·         Shampoo
·         Conditioner
·         Coat Conditioner
·         Flea Powder
·         Toothpaste
·         Fresh breath
·         Coat color cosmetic

For more information about our best Pet care products please Contact Us