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The Oral Health Market

The Oral Health Market

Source:  Euromonitor to 2003

Oral hygiene enjoyed a marked recovery in 2003, with sales increasing by 9% in current value terms, a considerable improvement from the CAGR of around 2% over the review period. Growth was buoyed by the strong performance of key Western European markets, underpinned partially by improved exchange rates for the euro currency against the US dollar.

In toothpaste, which dominates the sector, new product launches offering whitening, antibacterial and herbal properties added momentum to sales.

Eastern Europe was also a major contributor to growth, underpinned by a growing awareness among consumers, aided by extensive marketing campaigns and expanding product ranges from the major multinationals. Unit prices of locally-made toothpastes also increased, as manufacturers launched more expensive, value-added products onto the market.

Speciality brands drive growth in mature toothpaste

Toothpaste constitutes by far the largest area of oral hygiene, accounting for some 59% of total value sales in 2003.  While toothpaste is mature and considered increasingly necessary by consumers, the growing popularity of specialized toothpastes, catering for different consumer groups and needs, spurred growth in a number of developed markets in 2003. In the Netherlands, for example, whitening, sensitive, child-specific and all-in-one toothpastes.

Limited penetration for mouth washes

Mouthwashes/dental rinses have failed to take off in many markets, apart from four countries – Germany, the UK, the US and Japan – accounting for some 67% of total value sales in 2003. In countries such as France, dentists do not promote usage of mouthwash and mouth fresheners, and consequently, manufacturers tend to focus their efforts on more lucrative products, such as toothpastes. In emerging markets meanwhile, growth is further constrained by high unit prices, which render them outside the remit of most middle- and lower-income groups.

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