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About Kitchen Cleaning products

It is important to remember that we end up eating minute particles of our Dishwashing products. Clean and dry dishes contain small/minute particles of the Dishwashing and Laundry Products that we used to either wash our crockery, cutlery or tea towels and dishcloths in.  We live in a closed ecosystem and need to be mindful of the ingredients that our products contain as they are capable of creating an acute or chronic effect to our health and wellness.

We create and develop a wide range of specialty natural and organic products for the Laundry; all of which are Safe, Effective, Ecological, Sustainable and Biodegradable products that are safe enough for all living things, having minimum impact on the environment.  

Our Kitchen products include:

· Dishwashing Liquid; available in concentrate
· Dishwashing Powder
· Crème Cleanser; for metal, stainless steel surfaces
· Multipurpose Cleaners
· Surface Spray

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