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About Bathroom Cleaning Products

Wet areas can be a haven for bacteria and mould and an environment ripe for producing a range of fungal infections. The bathroom is where we clean our bodies inside (oral care) and outside (shower and bath) and perform our daily ablutions. This considered, the raw material and ingredient choices for bathroom products are target specific.

We need to be mindful of the ingredients that our bathroom products contain as we step onto them in the shower, and wash and bathe in the miniscule particles that are left behind after cleaning.

We create and develop a wide range of specialty natural and organic products for the Bathroom; all of which are Safe, Effective, Ecological, Sustainable and Biodegradable products that are safe enough for all living things whilst having minimum impact on the environment.Please inquire about our new certified natural cleaning products.

Our Bathroom products include:

· Glass cleaner
· Tile and Grout cleaner
· Shower Cleaner
· Ceramic Cleaner
· Enzyme Cleaners for wet areas
· Toilet Cleaner

For more information on our best Bathroom Cleaning Products please Contact Us