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About Shampoo and Conditioner

It is important to create a shampoo and conditioner to work synergistically together to produce the desired outcome. Shampoos and Conditioners are designed to address the various conditions/types of hair, which include;

  • Coloured Hair; tinted or highlighted hair requires specific formulation consideration; ingredients to help soothe and calm the scalp and ingredients to help protect the hair and prolong depth of color and condition
  • Damaged / Dry / Brittle Hair; include natural and organic ingredients to strengthen, replenish, regenerate and micro manage dry and/or split ends to provide deeper conditioning
  • Normal / Dull Hair; Daily natural or organic cleansing and conditioning with specific actives will improve the health of the hair whilst adding natural Shine, Radiance and Lustre
  • Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner; Hair Loss / alopecia / dandruff / cradle cap; we have a wide range of natural and organic actives that address a wide range of scalp and/or hair conditions

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