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About Shaping and Styling Hair

At Australian Organic Brands we understand that there are as many hair types and conditions as there are individuals. The hair care industry has grouped many of the more common hair care conditions into categories to enable the topical application of hair care products to clean, condition or treat them, either specifically as a therapeutic good, products governed by the standards and regulations of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), or generally as a cosmetic; products governed by the standards and regulations of the Cosmetic Industry; the latter being those developed and created specially by Australian Organic Brands.

At Australian Organic Brands we create and develop high performance natural and organic hair styling products providing humidity-resistance benefits without compromising gel rheology or aesthetics. The viscosity of our product formulations can be tailored from light to strong-hold gels, made for a wide range of packaging applications;  jars, tubes, pumps, bottles and sprays.

Key Formulation Benefits:

  • Efficient, easy-to-use liquid
  • Elegant, smooth gel appearance with excellent pickup
  • Humidity resistance
  • Rich cushiony feel on hands
  • Stiffness levels tailored from low to strong-hold
  • High clarity gels
  • Short flow, shear-thinning Rheology

Our broad range of styling and shaping hair care products for in-house and take home, curly and straight, short and long include:

  • Styling: crème, lotion, gel, foams etc.
  • Shaping: paste, mud, crème, butters etc.
  • Holding: Gel, Lotion, Mist, Spray (with or without Thermal protection)
  • Conditioning: Serums, Sprays, Masks
  • Finishing: Serums, Sprays, Treatments
  • Treatments: Hair, Scalp & Professional hand care products for Hairdressers

For more information about our best Shaping and Styling Products please Contact Us