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Australian Organic Brands create and develop a range of natural and organic skin toners which are liquid in composition. They can be a simple formulation structure, to rehydrate, through to complex formulations that restructure and repair. There are a range of superb actives for all skin types and skin treatment programs and procedures, for both retail and professional use.  

Toner skin care products are usually sprayed onto the surface of clean skin;  they can be used to tone, condition, strengthen, repair or as a preparatory aid to assist the absorption of actives.  Minerals, Peptides, Vitamins and Botanical extracts to name a few. 

There are treatment specific Toners for problematic skin; acne, dry, dehydrated, sun damaged or prematurely aging skin.

Toners have a wonderful cooling action, sometimes tonifying and astringent depending on the formulation.  They feel great when sprayed onto the skin. Some are designed specifically to form part of a step-by-step skin care program whilst others can be designed to go over make-up. 

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