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Natural and Organic Actives

The Benefits of Natural and Organic Bio-Actives include:

  • Actives that gently stimulates the natural function of the immune system
  • Provide very effective as anti-microbial function
  • Superior wound healing agent as it stimulates the ‘switch’ hormones to repair the damage
  • Actives that help regenerate the skin after minor injuries is also through the stimulation of collagen formation and the deactivation of free radicals
  • Specialized actives to help slow the aging process – possessing a natural ability to ‘mop up’ free radicals that constantly try and ravage the body and by stimulating the new growth of skin tissue whilst smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles and the compexion
  • It has ability to increase elasticity and firmness by regenerating the cells in the dermis – it improves skin tone and color
  • Actives that minimize skin reactivity – ideal for all skin types
  • Actives to whiten and lighten the skin
  • Our actives include; Flavonoids, Peptides, Carotenoids, Vitamins, Minerals, Extracts

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