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What affects the Skin?

Australian Organic Brands specializes in creating skin and body care products with well researched, technologically advanced actives that are designed to activate and boost the performance of the soldiers (Langerhan cells) and the important ‘switch’ mechanisms to activate the hormones Epidermal growth factor (EGF) that activate the birth of new cells in the skin. So let's look at what affects the skin and how the right natural and organic ingredients can improve skin function and performance ...

There are many influencing factors that affect the overall condition and performance of our skin; the largest organ of our body. The more obvious external influences that assault our skin are; airborne bacteria, viruses, and chemicals that react and /or  break through the skin barrier, which is why we need to protect the skins first line of defense.

The skin  has special defense cells called the Langerhan cells which are spread out through the epidermis: They strengthen the skins immune system; they are the skins immune soldiers. These cells help ‘mop–up’ unwanted pathogens. They are vital to the maintenance of a vibrant younger healthier looking skin. There are many wonderful natural and organic actives that help support the function of the Langerhan cells. 

Another vital component of this region within the skin, is a hormone (protein) that stimulates the growth and repairs all the layers in this Epidermis region EGF; this is the ‘switch’ that turns on the manufacture of new cells. This epidermal growth factor is part of a family of skin chemicals called Cytokines which regulate the immune system and repair mechanisms of the skin. We have a range of natural and organic ingredients that support the EGF function. 

The Dermis, the second principal layer of the skin, is comprised of, amongst other things; collagen and elastin fibers which together provide elasticity, strength, tone and form. The Dermis provides the nourishment needed for the continual regeneration of the skin through its rich supply of blood vessels, nerves, oil glands and hair follicles. Skin care Ingredients that boost elastin and collagen production are essential for antiaging products.   

Specialized actives such as specialized peptides,
antioxidant rich extracts, nutrient rich natural vitamins and phytoactive essential oils can directly boosts the performance of these immune cells in your skin as well as boosting the production of cells generally.

For information on the benefits of Natural and Organic actives click on the link.