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What is the Skin?


The Skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body. It is the bridge between the internal and external world.

It provides a highly effective barrier against the outside environment – it is both durable and flexible ‘providing’ it is well nourished and hydrated. In order to understand how Natural and Organic ingredients, raw materials and finished skin and body care products can benefit your skin and the underlying tissues and organs, it is important to understand the basic structure and function of the skin itself.

The skin
is like an onion;  it is composed of many tissue layers -  the outer-most region is called the Epidermis (the part we can see) which in itself is comprised of several layers:

  • stratum basale ‘base’ of this region – near blood vessels and is constantly producing new cells e.g. the process of life
  • stratum spinosum ‘thorn-like or prickly’ –  color pigmentation-producing area
  • stratum granulosum ‘little grain/granules’ – starts the production of keratin which provides strength and protection of the inner layers   from deep injury and infection and makes the skin waterproof
  • tratum lucidum ‘clear’ and the stratum corneum ‘horny’ are both the thickest and most outer layers – it is the dead skin cell area ‘cemetery for cells’ serves as a protective barrier.

Although the Epidermis is very thin it is tough and is constantly being worn away and replaced by new cells.

We are in a constant state of renewal – our body is always aiming for a state of homeostasis. It has moments of perfection only because our body is under constant assault from the harsh outside environment – which is why our skin care product choice is so important; and the same applies to the internal environment depending on what we feed it.

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