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Australian Organic Brands have a large range of Natural and Certified Organic Exfoliants; superb exfoliant raw materials and ingredients combined into facial products to assist with the removal of dead skin cells off the surface of the skin (epidermis/stratum corneum).  This exfoliating action, concerned with the sloughing off of dead skin cells, is also referred to as desquamation.  It is important to exfoliate the skin; for skin health, complexion and to enable greater up take from products designed to deliver actives and nutrients.

Although there are mechanical devices to assist exfoliation; at Australian Organic Brands we are concerned with the natural and organic ingredients and raw materials employed to create cosmetic exfoliants which include:

AHA’s (alpha hydroxyl acids), Enzymes (Pineapple and Papaya) etc. through to the Plant based exfoliants such as Apricot kernel, Bamboo, Coconut, Loofah, Salt, Sugar, Walnut hull and the like.

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