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We have developed a range of different types of cleansers designed for different skin types. Ostensibly a cosmetic cleanser is a cleaning agent for the skin. Our range of natural and organic cleansers are formulated to address a wide range of applications such as; foaming and crème cleansers, those which remove; make-up, dead skin cells (see exfoliants) clean pores or those that contain specific ingredients to address skin disorders such as acne, seborrhoea, eczema or psoriasis.

There are cleansers that contain soap and those that don’t. There are cleansers that come in a dry ‘powder-like’ consistency and those that are in a bar form, or creamy and / or foamy liquids. The important thing about cleansing the skin is that the product works with the skins natural pH.  We prefer to create products that address the skin as an organ, those products being more versatile in their application.

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