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The lips consist of two fleshy folds of skin that surround the orifice of the mouth. The skin is very sensitive and great care should be taken to care for the several delicate skin layers. Dry, chapped, damaged and injured lips can cause a range of symptoms that can cause the skin to dry, crack or split which can be very uncomfortable.  The lips form the most delicate part of your body and require special care.  Our lips are highly sensitive and sensual.

It is important to remember that great lip care requires internal and external daily practices; to keep your lips in soft smooth and fine line-free order.  A good diet, eating fresh fruit and vegetables and a generous daily intake of 1-2 litres of purified water whilst keeping them in a ‘smoke’ free zone will go a long way to good lip condition.  

Care for Lips begins with protecting them from harsh and extreme weather and temperature. Wind, heat and cold will assault the lips; a great organic lip gloss will really help nourish and moisturize whilst adding a fine protective film.

Best Lip Products include;

·         Lip Balm or Gloss; especially when they contain cytophylactic (cell renewing) actives

·         Conditioning Lip Treatment Masks

·         Treatment crèmes or serum to diminish fine lines

·         Post-Cosmetic surgery products

·         Lip colors; natural and organic lip colors


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