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Our naked face is our first line of communication.  It can provide the observer with a visual depiction of our lived experiences, those which can include; genetics disposition, nationality, gender, age group, diet, nutrition, lifestyle choices, stress responses, sensitivities, product use (even product type), habits, behaviours - the list goes on.  It is amazing what our face can communicate visually, without even uttering a single word.

Our Face cosmetics add a new layer to the visual mix. Choosing the right actives can dramatically enhance the texture, tone and appearance of the skin. Natural and Organic ingredients are nutrient rich when formulated to deliver real visible results.

At Australian Organic Brands we pride ourselves on the results-driven products that we develop and create.

Natural and Organic color cosmetics perform a specific decorative 'beautifying' function and fall into the Cosmetics category called "make-up," which refers primarily to colored products intended as those that are designed to alter the user’s appearance.  At Australian Organic Brands we create, develop and manufacture both decorative cosmetics and 'care' cosmetics.

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