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About the Hands

At Australian Organic Brands we understand the importance of hand ‘care’ products.  We specialize in creating invisible gloves that nourish, protect, renew and rejuvenate sun-exposed, water-soaked, hard-working hands, nails and cuticles that crave moisture and natural, organic anti-aging actives that deliver results.

Hands tell a lot about your daily self-care practices or the absence thereof.  Many believe they reflect our age and lived experiences.  We use our hands to work, play and communicate, care, feel and express ourselves.  It is our duty to respect them and care for them so that they continue to support our self expression, health and beauty throughout our life’s journey. 

What things care for hands?

  • Protect the skin on your hands with natural and organic rich hand care products designed to serve the structure and function of the hands, nails and cuticles
  • Wear rubber gloves when using any household cleaning products, hair dyes (especially if you are a hairdresser)
  • Wear rubber gloves when handling anything that could stain, injure, dry, water-log or dirty the skin on your hands (gloves for gardening or washing dishes)
  • Moisturize your hands at least four times a day
  • Exfoliate your hands (especially the back of your hands) every time you exfoliate your face
  • Use your night time anti-aging crème on the back of your hands before your retire
  • Use a hand crème with sun protection especially if you spend time outdoors
  • Dry your hands well after washing/bathing and always moisturize with an organic hand creme after washing your hands with soap
  • Give your hands a weekly hydrating mask treatment when you treat your face
  • Give your hands a regular massage; share a hand massage with a friend or use an electric massage to improve circulation. A regular manicure is great for hand, nail and cuticle care; be sure to take your natural/organic, vitamin rich hand care products, and have the therapist use these in place of synthetic products
  • Protect your hands from excessive cold or heat
  • Keep a selection of gloves on hand (literally): rubber gloves, gardening gloves, cotton gloves, thermal gloves, riding gloves, cycling gloves, ski gloves, oven gloves to name a few; choose those that support your activities
  • Always wear gloves if you are rubbing, massaging or touching someone who has skin infection or open lesions; even if you are applying an ointment

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