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About the Feet

The foot is a part of our body’s anatomical structure; the feet are essential to our body for many reasons; uppermost is that they enable us to perform a range of movements/locomotion; walking, running, weight bearing, kicking, standing etc. 

Separate to the anatomy and physiology of the feet and the range of motion they provide us as human beings; at Australian Organic Brands our foot focus is more about the products that we specifically make to help our feet feel and look the best they can. Especially when it comes to recuperation from the assault we put them under from our shoe choice; runners, sneakers, high heels, dance shoes, schools shoes through to unprotected bare feet. 

Certainly there are some wonderful natural and organic ingredients such as essential oils that can improve circulation, address skin conditions such as foot odor and fungal infections and other ingredients such as Shea butter to help soften skin and moisturize heels that have cracked or split under weight or strain.

It is however our expertise and skill that enables us to create combinations of natural and organic ingredients that synergistically work together; creating foot products to relieve tiredness, improve circulation, moisturize, deodorize, repair and recover.

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