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Testing Essential Oils

At Australian Organic Brands all our pure essential oils are 100% pure, authentic and unadulterated. We purchase our essential oils in strict accordance with one of three main growing methods namely:

  • Certified Organic pure essential oils and certified organic oil blends are obtained from plants or plant parts that have been grown in accordance with the standards and procedures of the Certified Organic Association that the farmer, distiller and or supplier holds a current certified organic license with. The plants have been grown free from pesticides and are extracted in chemical free environments. For further   information on the growing standards please go to the Certification Body links provided on our site.
  • Natural pure essential oils and blends are pure, authentic and unadulterated, extracted from plants or plant parts that remain true to their botanical specie (INCI name) from which they are derived.   All our Natural essential oils adhere to strict quality standards and procedures set down internationally. Wherever possible we obtain our Natural essential oils from plants that are grown in the wild.

There are a range of tests that our Natural and Certified Organic pure essential oils undergo to ensure that they are authentic and unadulterated.  These tests include:

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