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A-Z of ailments

Aromatherapy is a wonderful preventative therapy and it also assists the body to heal itself when it is in less than peak condition.  This is especially true when treating minor ailments and conditions.  Essential oils, the working tools of aromatherapy, work with the body to ensure optimum health and well being.  They can be a powerful resource as a self-administrative, over the shelf remedy.  
Please refer to the alphabetical listing on the left to obtain a clearer understanding of the ailment or condition that you are enquiring about along with the recommended essential oil choices most suitable to address the ailment. 
We will leave it to your discretion to decide on which two to three oils you would like to use.  Remember essential oils are highly potent.  Only a few drops are recommended at any one time and it is always important to follow the method of use instructions and dosage requirements, as specified on the label.  

Methods of Use

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