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Vegetable & carrier Oils

We have an extensive range of Natural and Certified Organic nutrient rich, cold pressed  Plant, Nut and Seed oils; each possessing a unique natural chemical constitution full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Ideal to use on their own, in an Aromatherapy blend or as an important ingredient in Skin and Body care products.

Vegetable oils are also known as either Plant, Carrier, Base or Massage oils especially when used for the purpose of Aromatherapy or Massage treatments. Each Plant, Nut and Seed oil differs in its composition; it is the composition that characterises it properties and efficacy of each, whether taken internally or applied to the skin; they remain a vital ingredient in Beauty and Wellness regimes.

The chemical composition of a Vegetable oil will determine its compatibility to either a product or product pack as they all vary in their viscosity, spreadability, emolliancy and fatty acid profile. Our R & D team will guide you on the best oil for the outcome you wish to achieve from each product.

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