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At Australian Organic Brands we are able to create exclusive and unique Natural or Certified Organic Perfumes and/or Scent Profiles for our valued customers product/s. Comprising of either 100% pure, authentic and unadulterated Natural or Certified Organic essential oils or visit the  Organicflor® section of our site.

A Signature Scent or Perfume affects us all via our sense of smell and odour association. The human brain records the memory of our lived experiences/associations with scent associations when present. It is really important that you have your scent profile or perfume lined up with the overall message that you wish to communicate to the customer or market. 

Japan has been actively researching the effects of odour against human performance since the 70's, developing innovative projects that have received world recognition within the Fragrance industry.  For example the Takasago fragrance company; worked with the Shimizu Corporation to develop a sophisticated air conditioning system that works on a pre-timed scent plan. Based on the research of Professor Tori; brain wave activity in response to odourants; employees began to work within a changing fragrant environment. The scent of Lemon had been shown to dramatically stimulate their office computer operators, reporting a 50% increase in productivity and decrease in work error. The fragrances released were so subtle that they were virtually subliminal; which further supports the Aromatherapy guidelines for use, being; less is best.

To create a Perfume or Signature Scent we take a Scent brief in order to choose the very best and most appropriate fragrant ingredients that will fit your specific use, desired result, brand vision and product personality.  We can create Natural and Certified Organic Perfumes to take to market or Signature scents to personalize you, your company, product or brand; the choice is yours.

For more information on our best Perfumes or Signature Scents please Contact Us