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Aromatherapy is the most natural form of Certified Organic Face and Body care . Aromatherapy products are comprised of pure plant extracts known as essential oils, used either singly or in combination with others and /or blended with one or a combination of other cold pressed vegetable, nut or seed oils. 

Aromatherapy face and body oils are distinguished by the ingredients they contain. For example Sweet almond and Peach kernel oils are not recommended for face care products whereas Jojoba oil (a natural fluid wax) and Rosehip oil are suitable.

It is important to be clear, ahead of time, about the market you are designing your Aromatherapy products for. As there are labeling and export requirements set for many countries with regards to the use or percentage of essential oils and from a formulation perspective; there are fragrance profiles or ingredients that are suited to different types of skin and/or climates.  All of the Face and Body products below can be made to Natural, Certified Organic or where possible Bio Dynamic standards and guidelines.

Aromatherapy Face Products include:

  • Facial Mists; Toners or Hydrosols
  • Serums; to address a range of skin conditions which include; Acne, Rosacea, Antiaging or Skin types such as Dry, Oily, Combination or Normal

Aromatherapy Body Products include:

  • Body oils
  • Massage/Carrier oils; scented or unscented
  • Hand and Cuticle oils

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