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Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils are the working tools of Aromatherapy and can be used on their own or blended in combination with others.  

Essential oil blends are volatile and highly concentrated; they can be created using a variety of blending systems, for example in accordance with;

  • their scent profile as a top, middle or base note – to create perfumes
  • their constituent profile – to produce either /or a specific physiological or psychological response/effect
  • their odor intensity
  • for a specific purpose; to relax, energize etc.
  • odor preferences; favorites
  • their availability or cost

When a pure essential oil blend is created, it can become;

  • A pure essential oil blend to be used within the category Aromatherapy; thus used in accordance with dilution/dosage recommendations in relation to chosen 'method of use' instruction, e.g. vaporization or bathing
  • An ingredient to provide the scent profile for a skin, body, hair, personal care or household cleaning product/s

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