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Aromatherapy is in fact one of the most versatile complementary therapies that exist today. Used by our forefathers for more than 3000 years we are now able to substantiate, scientifically, the medicinal and therapeutic properties of these complex aromatic extracts.   Essential oils are the working tools of Aromatherapy; essential oils are the part of the plant that gives it its fragrance. They are complex, volatile liquids that are extracted, primarily by means of distillation or expression from a single botanical source. The essential oils are far more concentrated that the whole of the plant that they come from.

They are derived from roots, woods, flowers, resins, blossoms, herbs, leaves and grasses and each has a unique, complex chemical constitution that comprises of approximately 100 - 250 naturally occurring chemical constituents. Some of these constituents become more pronounced when distilled.  Most of their properties may be desirable, but any potentially toxic constituents contained within an essential oil can become more enhanced in the form of an essential oil  than when it is contained within the whole plant.

Each essential oil has its own characteristic and therapeutic application.  They can be used on their own or in combination with others to form a blend. There are many blending techniques; it is the art of blending that forms the basis of prescriptive formulations, which are intrinsic to Aromatherapy.

One of the greatest accolades for this therapy is that there are multitudes of blending combinations that can be used in a variety of ways. Variation in combination with a variety of methods of use is truly a dominating strength of Aromatherapy.

Most of the methods of use are nurturing acts to either self administer, give or receive.

Aromatic baths, massage, inhalations, compress and vaporising are some of the wonderful and diverse applications. Through Aromatherapy we are invited to engage our senses, actively and responsibly in such a way that nurtures our body and soul. This is why it has been deemed a holistic treatment practice.

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