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Certified Herbal Extracts, Organic Herbs and Organic Tea

We specialize in the development and creation of Certified Organic Herbal Extracts for inclusion in our natural and organic skin, body, hair, personal/hair care and household cleaning products.   Our premium extracts and manufacturing processes are unique proprietary processes to Australian Organic Brands.  We make a wide range of herbal extract available as a bulk supply item to the Cosmetic industry. We can create specific Herbal extracts to order (minimum quantities apply).

Apart from our extract making division we offer a broad range of Certified Organic Herbs; available in both large and small pack sizes.   Our Certified Organic herbs are governed by the Certified Organic Farming practices, standards and regulations; meeting the highest standards set by either/or the three independent certification bodies that Australian Organic Brands hold current licenses with; Ecocert, Ecocert Cosmos, ACO and OFC. Please refer to our Certified Organic herbs list below.


2014 heralds a new Organic Era for Australian Organic Brands; launching our new Certified Organic Supplements. We can manufacture your own formulations or formulate to your specific needs; the choice is yours.

Our in-stock holding of Certified Organic herbs and *Certified Organic Supplements fluctuates due to market demand and seasonal availability, they include and are not limited to:

Agrimony Herb
Alfalfa Leaf
Aloe Vera
Artichoke Globe
Asparagus/Shativari Root
Astragalus Root

Basil Leaf
Bay Leaves
Black Cumin
Buchu Leaf

Cardamom Pods
Chamomile Flowers
Chicory Root cut
Chilli Flakes
Chilli Whole
Cinnamon Chips (cassia)
Clove Buds, whole
Cumin Seed

Dandelion Root (Powder)
Dill Seed
Dill Leaf
Dong Quai Root

Echinacea Tops
Echinacea Root

Fennel Seed

Garlic Granules
Ginger Root Cut
Gingko Leaf
Goji Berries Organic

Hibiscus/Rosella Crushed
Hops Flower
Horsetail Herb

Juniper Berries

Lavender Flowers
Lemon Balm Herb
Lemon Myrtle
Lemon Peel
Lemon Verbena Herb
Linden Blossom
Liquorice Root
Lovage Root

Marjoram Leaf
Marshmallow Root
Meadowsweet Herb
Motherwort Herb
Mustard Seed, Black
Mustard Seed, Yellow

Nettle Leaf
Nigella Seed

Oak Bark
Oats Straw
Orange Peel Sweet
Oregano Leaf

Passionflower Herb
Peppermint Leaf
Psyllium Husks
Psyllium Seed
Pumpkin Seed

Raspberry Leaf
Rose Petals

Sage Leaf
Scullcap Herb
Senna Leaf
Sesame Seed
Spearmint Leaf
Star Anise Fruit
St Johns Wort Herb
St Marys Thistle Seed

Thyme Leaf
Tulsi Herb

Valerian Root
Vanilla Pods

Wormwood Herb

Yerba Mate Leaf

Our stock of Certified Organic Teas include:

Black Tea
Green Rooibos
Green Tea – high in polyphenols
Jasmine Tea
White Tea – high in polyphenols

What are Polyphenols?  They are natural antioxidants which help our body fight disease by decreasing inflammation at a cellular level; they are good for weight loss; assisting to decrease the absorption of fats and increase our bodies calorie-burning processes.

Our Certified Organic and Natural Supplements include and are not limited to:

For more information on our best Certified Organic Herbs, Herbal Extracts, Organic Tea and Supplements please Contact Us