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What is Stability Testing

At Australian Organic Brands we believe that the objective of stability testing cosmetic products is to ensure that the formulation (new or modified) is able to withhold an acceptable level of physical, microbiological and chemical quality whilst maintaining the intended functionality and aesthetics when stored and used under appropriate conditions.

At Australian Organic Brands we use industry guidelines and draw upon knowledge and formulating experience to design stability protocols that will provide a basis for determining the preservative efficacy i.e. how well a product is protected against spoilage/contamination and product quality; which determines the indicative shelf life/expiry date as well as real time monitoring of the product formulation in its final packaging for a range of cosmetic products.

Please note that a stability trial provides information that will assist in predicting the shelf life of a formulation however it is not a guarantee of product stability.

The stability testing that we design can be broken down into two distinct sections. Each of these sections can also be broken down into sub-sections as explained in the following links:

1. Research & Development Stability Trials
2. Production Batch Stability Trials

Click on the links for further information on each of these trials or for more information on Stability Testing processes please Contact Us