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Australian Organic Brands is committed to ongoing research and development.  The ongoing focus of our R & D Department is to stay up-to-date with the major changes in the cosmetics industry that influence our customers and the products that we make.  Research and Development is mainly driven by; consumer demand, research, technology, sales and  marketing, associated regulatory issues and the breakthroughs in the development and release of new, cutting-edge natural and certified organic ingredients and raw materials.

As the Natural and Organic specialist we are vigilant with the acquisition of associated documentation that validates the authenticity of our natural and organic ingredients, thus ensuring compliance with the certified organic associations that we hold current licences with.

R & D enables us to provide our valued customers with the supporting technical data, product information and / or research material to support the sales and marketing of the products that we make on their behalf. It is essential that our valued customers understand the relationship of the ingredients, raw materials and actives to the skin and the underlying tissue and organs.

Our key focus is keeping absolutely current with: locating, sourcing, examining and testing the highest grade natural and certified organic; colors, compliance data, emollients, emulsifiers, essential oils, extracts, fatty acids, flavonoids, flavors, gums, herbs, humectants, hydrocolloids, hydrosols, moisturizers, peptides, powders, polymers, preservatives/preservative systems, processes of manufacture, research, regulatory support, surfactants, technologies,  and thickeners, including the rare, unique, diverse and sustainable.

New innovative product design, creation and development is crucial to our valued customers and/or brand owners. The cosmetic industry is in a constant state of rapid change and there is a short lag time between a new innovative product release and the ‘me too’ followers. At Australian Organic Brands we lead so that others are encouraged to follow in our wake.

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