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Contract Manufacture

There are many benefits to contract manufacturing. Outsourcing production and/or manufacture  enables a brand owner or company to concentrate on their core competencies i.e. sales and marketing.  When making the decision on whether or not contract manufacture is right for you, the brand owner or company should weigh the benefits and risks associated with it.

Most importantly choose a reputable company with people who share the same values of you  and your company  for ultimately you will be dealing with those people in relation to all your work production and manufacturing requirements on a daily or weekly basis. You need to know that they have ‘your back’ covered at all times. Trust, Honesty, Communication, Transparency and the ability to take Responsibility are imperative foundations to any successful business relationship.

Contract manufacturing is a good business strategy for brand owners or companies that are trying to grow and extend into new markets. Australian Organic Brands is able to meet the growth of your sales as you expand into other markets.

Benefits of Contract Manufacture

Cost Saving: Utilizing Australian Organic Brands manufacturing facility, staff, technical team, resources, machines, equipment, facility, certification license, labor, training, and ability to benefit from industry understanding and reach.

We will lodge all certified organic or certified natural formulations with the certification body for and on your behalf.

Utilizing the Australian Organic Brands skill sets that may not be held within your company. The ability to formulate, test and source materials and the unique manufacturing processes required for the production of natural and organic product development.

Quality Control:
Benefiting from Australian Organic Brands full quality control systems that enable complete traceability of all the processes involved in R & D, Production and Manufacturing.

Accountability & Compliance:
Australian Organic Brands enable full accountability for all the processes required to comply with the standards and procedures of independent associations who govern the natural and certified organic industry; including the facilitation of successful audits with independent regulating industry bodies.

Economies of Scale:
Choosing Australian Organic Brands, a specialist manufacturer in natural and organics, enables you to benefit from the cost saving associated with the purchase of many of the commonly used ingredients in skin, body, hair, personal care and household cleaning products. This cost saving is passed onto you, our valued customer.

At Australian Organic Brands we literally become your manufacturing arm, your partners, a valued part of your team that you can count on to deliver safe and effective products and services on time, every time.

For more information about best Contract Manufacturing facility, processes and services please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.