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Ecocert is an inspection and certification body accredited under the international standard ISO Guide 65 (EN 45011).


Founded in 1991 by agricultural engineers aware of the need to develop an agriculture that respects the rights and the environment, Ecocert has become the leader in organic certification in France.


At each step, Ecocert controls provide a guarantee of traceability and transparency that meet the expectations of consumers and users.


Certification is subject to supervision. Certification bodies are themselves audited by the relevant authorities and bodies, as part of the approval and accreditation process. In France, the French Accreditation Committee (Cofrac) is the designated body for the accreditation of certification bodies according to the EN 45011 standard, which requires independence, competence and impartiality. Ecocert takes all the measures necessary to meet these requirements and ensure the reliability of its decisions.

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