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What is Certification?

We support Organic Associations that set the highest standards for the Organic and Bio-dynamic aromatherapy, skin, body and hair care industries, for example at Australian Organic Brands we choose the best certification association to certify each product in accordance with its ingredients, processing and product type. 

Generally, the certification process can be split into two parts:  firstly the inspection / audit to verify that production and handling are carried out in accordance with the standards against which certification is to be done.  Secondly is certification; to confirm that production and handling conforms to those standards.
Certification procedures for the certification of organic products should make it possible to track and control every aspect of the flow of products from primary production at farm level through each and every stage of manufacturing right to the final consumer product.  Producers and exporters will have to obtain certification / license against organic standards applicable in those markets they wish to enter.

elect any of the following links to obtain further information about each certifying body:
Ecocert and ACO protect and govern the certification of various aspects of the organic industries.  In the case of Cosmetics they are accredited with the Australian Government and the CONFRA (French Committee for Accreditation) respectively;  Australian Organic Brands aligns with both to govern the allowable ingredients and manufacturing practices.

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