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Certified Organic

Understanding Organic

Certified Organic ingredients are controlled by the monitoring of the following:

Soil Fertility:
Soil is managed through crop rotations and the use of green manure crops, compost, and natural mineral products to maintain natural soil fertility. Artificial fertilisers are prohibited.

Pest & Disease Control
: Plant health is maintained through careful planning, suitable crop rotations and mechanical and natural methods of pest and weed control. Artificial pesticides and herbicides are prohibited.

are strictly prohibited at every stage of production. GMO’s are not allowed on the same production unit, even if you are not seeking certification of that area.

The development of a healthy environment, enhancing landscaping features, native plant and animal species are encouraged. For example, this may include maintaining treed areas as an important wildlife habitat which must comprise 5% of property area by July 2005.

Australian Organic Brands Certified Organic Pure Essential Oils are all chosen from certified organic farms which are committed to the following:
  • To Preserve and improve soil fertility
  • To recycle wastes by converting them to humus
  • To maximize moisture retention in the soil
  • To prevent pest and disease recurrence
  • To choose and use renewable resources
  • To conserve energy, soil and water
  • To maintain and enhance the environment while producing optimum quantities of produce free from artificial fertilisers or synthetic chemicals

We support
Organic Associations that set the highest standards for the Organic and Bio-dynamic aromatherapy, skin, body and hair care industries, for example – at Australian Organic Brands we choose the best certification association to certify each product in accordance with its ingredients, processing and product type.

Please refer to our "Certification" Section for further information about these associations.