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About Us

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We are committed to building long term business relationships with our valued customers and encourage open, honest and transparent communication at all times with our key personnel who will continually strive to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our staff will continue to work with you personally, along with your assigned Brand Development Manager (BDM) to ensure that you, your company and products are supported with the highest level of service possible.


What we do today creates our tomorrow

We foster ethical and honorable business practices that contribute to the longevity of Mother Earth and Life itself. We create strategic business partners globally who share our vision to grow and develop sustainable business practices; those who value, respect and actively contribute to the beauty, health and wellness of all living species.


Actions speak louder than words

We actively support the global development and production of certified organic, bio-dynamic, wild harvested & eco-friendly farming practices through our choice to source and purchase the highest grade of; natural, plant derived, certified organic and  certified organic allowable, ingredients, actives and raw materials; capable of producing profound results whilst enriching people’s beauty, health & wellness.  We strive daily to exceed any industry standards or boundaries to deliver the highest quality ingredients, products and services possible.


Education enables informed choices

We source scientifically researched ingredients and raw materials enabling us access to provide scientifically proven efficacy data.  Evidence-based research and humane ethical practices combine to deliver a range of informative technical material that supports the use of our raw materials, actives and our certified organic ingredients.

We research and develop formulations using ingredients and raw materials that promote health and longevity through beauty care.  Each product is created in the best interest of the health and function of the skin and body.

We commit ourselves daily as individuals and as a team to constant and never-ending improvement. We strive to make more informed decisions with respect to all we think, believe, do and deliver.


We believe

We believe in transparent, honest open communication and foster long term mutually respectful and commercially viable business relationships.

We believe that everyone is entitled to purchase and experience premium, safe, stable, sustainable, natural and certified organic; skin, body, hair, personal care and household cleaning products that deliver on marketing promise.


We promise

To continually specialize in the Research, Development, Manufacture and Supply of a complete range of Unique, Premium Natural and Certified Organic Products that we tailor-make to meet the specific needs of each and every one of our valued customers.

We promise to uphold the high GMP cosmetic manufacturing standards that we deploy to conform with the standards and procedures of our Certified Organic Licenses with ECOCERT, ECOCERT COSMOS and ACO (Australian Certified Organic) Organizations.

We will stand by our Manufacturing and Supply Agreements with you, our valued customer, to ensure that your products are produced on time every time.

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